Cold Frames
Nurturing specific crops and plants that require care and attention during heavy weather or certain seasons can always be easily done through cold frames, which are essentially the mid-point between individual cloches and full greenhouses.  Cold frames come in a range of sizes, shapes and cabinets, and are particularly sought-after by gardeners who are keen to partition off certain plant life in need of that extra bit of TLC.
High quality cold frames should not only offer protection against the elements but should also allow for maximum heat retention and – as necessary – ventilation for all life within.  The best cold frames available are ones with ample room for multiple plants in need of care or those who are having trouble growing for the first time.  Reliable cold frames are also ones which can be stored out in the garden or exterior areas in all weathers, free from any risk of rot or any chance of unwanted wildlife intervention.  It’s essential a makeshift incubator for young and/or sickly plants – and your choice of cold frame, glazing and construction may vary depending upon your specific needs and/or the crops which you are trying to protect.
All good cold frames are easy to assemble, to arrange and to maintain.  Cold frames are available in a wide range of constructions and allow the user to watch in on plants under protection on a regular basis – you’ll only ever need to open a lid or enter the cold frame when you need to tend to the plants within, or when they’re ready to be moved out into the garden.  Therefore, these systems are perfect at retaining all the heat, moisture and necessary ventilation stunted plants and troublesome growers need to flourish against the elements.  If a full greenhouse doesn’t appeal to you – there’s every reason a great cold frame should.

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