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Crocus Bulbs
Crocuses are the ideal plant to grow in beds, borders, pots and containers, window boxes or for creating a wildflower display in grass. Crocus bulbs require well drained soil to thrive in and to be situated in a sunny area. If the crocus bulbs are to be planted in pots and containers or in window boxes ensure that they are situated where the plants will get full sun. Ensure the quality of your bulbs before planting by buying them from a reputable supplier such as the online shops listed below. The bulbs should be firm not soft or damaged and they should be planted soon otherwise they will sprout. Displays can be created by choosing one variety of the same colour; this often provides a better look than having mixed colours.

Crocus bulbs are perfect for planting around the base of trees and for brightening up lawned areas. Bulbs can be scattered around the lawn and planted wherever they fall to create a more natural display than rows of flowers.  Remember that whilst the plants are there the lawn cannot be mowed.  

Bulbs should be planted at least 2 times their own depth and spaced at least 2 bulb widths apart. The bulb must be planted with the top pointing upwards although it may be necessary to plant it on its side if ascertaining the top end is proving difficult. Replace the soil and firm to remove any air pockets that may be surrounding the bulbs.
Planting times vary depending on the variety of crocus you have chosen; crocus bulbs are available in spring, autumn and winter flowering therefore the label should be checked to determine the optimum planting time.
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