Bamboo Plants
Bamboos are actually grasses with woody stems offering attractive, lush foliage that can be used to add a tropical effect to any garden. Coming in all shapes and sizes, most are fully hardy and evergreen and can be grown all around the UK. Bamboo grows in both tropical and temperate climates in Asia, on islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and also in Africa and South America, where it is cultivated for many purposes including paper and the construction of houses.

The two main types of bamboo available for your garden are:

Clumping bamboo - A well behaved bamboo that forms a nice clump without taking over the garden.

Running or spreading bamboo. Usually the smaller bamboos, running bamboo sends out roots in all directions and can quickly take over .When planting running bamboo it is recommended that gardeners pot them into a large pot and plunge the whole thing into the ground (pot and all) or create a barrier two to three feet deep around the planting area to contain the spread of roots.

Growing conditions...

Bamboo requires a fertile moisture retentive soil that doesn't get waterlogged. Will grow well in most soils including clay. If planting in free draining soil water well in the summer. Plant bamboo in full sun to part shade away from strong winds.

Bamboo also make great pot plants for the patio and inside the home.


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