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 Growing Vegetables in Raised Beds
Whether you are growing vegetables at home or from your own private allotment, there are plenty of ways in which you can really make the most of your soil and the weather you’re given.  One of the most effective ways to grow delicious vegetables all year round, however, is with the use of a raised bed or two – which you can purchase and easily construct yourself throughout the seasons.  Raised beds can be used to assist the growth of many different plants, trees and shrubs – but today, we’re going to be looking at the reasons why so many people opt for beds to grow their vegetables.
 Why Grow Vegetables in Raised Beds?
Raised garden beds offer an appealing, modern look, often in timber or plastic – they can really frame and highlight some of your favourite plants and shrubs with very little effort.  Beyond the aesthetics, raised beds also carry a wealth of benefits for gardeners and farmers in need of help with growing vegetables.  For one, a raised bed will allow you to pick and isolate one type of soil for the type of vegetables you wish to grow – not all vegetables respond well to the same soil, meaning that even a small raised bed or planter may be enough to help encourage growth. 

Raised Bed Kits from Harrod Horticultural

Raised Bed Kits from Harrod Horticultural

Providing you introduce any bought soil to organic matter, a raised bed is guaranteed to be your garden ally.

Garland 230 Litre Raised Bed - 1m x 1m

Garland 230l Raised Bed - 1x1m

Raised beds allow for a greater volume of soil, too – meaning your vegetables are instantly going to get access to all the nutrients they need easier than ever before.  There’s further benefits in the fact that raised soil is warmer during the spring – and there’s greater opportunity for drainage, too – meaning that waterlogging or over-watering is kept to an absolute minimum.
Above all, raised beds simply give you ease of access – you no longer have to trudge into patches of soil and vegetation to risk damaging the growth progress of your plants.  This means that, all around, your vegetables get access to the best soil, the most nutrients, and the most effective drainage with a simple raised bed.
 How to Build a Raised Bed
Raised beds come in all shapes and sizes for a variety of garden types and needs, and what’s more, they’re a breeze to put together.  Whether you’re hoping to grow vegetables all year round or are simply in need of easier access to your latest crop of summer veg, purchase a raised bed kit that catches your eye and you’ll be ready to go in no time.  Timber and plastic raised bed kits are amongst the easiest to set up and manage – they’re relatively lightweight and look fantastic when blended into almost any garden look and theme.
Before setting up your bed, you will need to make sure that you dig and plot out the area for your new installation and mark them out with any provided stakes, making sure that you stake carefully at the required corners and into the soil to help support each side of the bed before you attempt construction.  Attach your supplied bed material with screws or nails as required, and prepare the soil you wish to use.  Do make sure that you line the bottom of your bed with material for drainage – we suggest around three inches of stones or gravel – and, where possible, use a membrane to lay over the top before filling in with soil.  It’s recommended that you allow for any beds you have filled to settle for a couple of weeks before you prepare to plant your vegetables – and do make sure that any topsoil you use is mixed in with organic matter.
 Getting Started
Growing your own vegetables is an exciting endeavour, and while it will take time for you to reap the full benefits of a great crop, raised beds will offer you ease of access, enhanced drainage and the opportunity to rotate your crops – thus eliminating regular pests.  Why not take a look at our range of raised bed kits and see which catch your eye for the seasons ahead?  

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